Freezer Beef

Here is your opportunity to support your local farm family, fill your freezer with a quality protein source that you can trust, and save money.

Why our beef is awesome…
We love our cows. How can we eat our cows, then? Here’s the bottom line folks: we cannot keep all of them. On our farm, we strive to raise quality replacement females that go back into our herd and continue the production cycle. Our family sources genetics from the most reputable herds in the nation. We also utilize and spend a great deal of time selecting our A.I. sires. We pay close attention to many desirable traits for both production purposes and exhibition purposes. Our family has been showing cattle for nearly 30 years. Exhibiting our cattle all over the country helps us keep our operation in line with today’s standards. We have high standards! You could say our cattle are “designer” cattle. We really only need a few bulls that we keep back to “clean-up” any females that did not settle to the A.I. service. The rest of the bulls are castrated at a very young age to minimize trauma, and then fed grain and hay that we raise here on our farm. We are very thankful for the opportunity to provide this excellent source of protein for your family and we take the responsibility of animal husbandry very seriously. Our family loves calving out our cows and we take great pride in our herd death loss percentage, which is a testament to the quality of care that we provide. 

“The Greenville Veterinary Clinic has been providing Dorsey Farms veterinary services for almost 20 years. This family farm is committed to quality genetics, preventative health practices, and providing a safe, superior product to their customers. I am proud to work with the Dorsey family and of the level of care they provide the livestock in their charge.”Dr. Jennifer Ostrom, DVM

What to expect when purchasing freezer beef…
Beef is sold in whole, half a side, or quarters. Many families go together and take a whole and split it amongst each other. Most families can utilize and have the freezer space for a quarter. Our quarters are a split side, which means you will get something from every cut of beef, not just the front or back half. The amount owed to us is based on the hanging weight. We must receive payment before the beef is released from the processor. You can expect to pay a processing fee at pick up, which can vary depending on the processor and any special cutting instructions. Please contact us for today’s pricing and any questions. Overall, it is much more affordable to purchase freezer beef than to buy from the store. 

Side note: You will place a cut order with the processor. Your name and number will be given to them and after the carcass has aged for a minimum of 10 days, they will call you to discuss how you want your order to be processed. If you have never done this before, we suggest doing some research or just be ready to talk to the staff about how you prefer your beef and what you will most utilize. If there are cuts of beef that you do not cook nor care to try, then just have it put into ground beef, which is something every family uses a lot of. We are always available for questions.

“I have been raising beef cattle my entire life and also worked in a processing plant. The side of beef we purchased from the Dorseys was very well marbled and amazingly tender. We would highly recommend their beef to anyone.”Rob, central Illinois
“We make a real effort to put high quality food on the table for our family and buying our beef locally from the Dorsey’s means fresh, responsibly-raised, seriously delicious beef we trust. We appreciate the 1/4 beef ordering option and the flexibility to choose the cuts our family uses most. Once you establish a local beef provider, you can taste such a difference- you’ll never want to purchase beef from the grocery ever again!!”Kelli, southwestern Illinois
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